OxyFlush (120 Caps)

OxyFlush (120 Caps)

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70% of Your Body's Immune Defense Is In Your Intestine!

Want to clean your bowel and intestines? Regular Newbie OxyFlush is a place to start.

Plants use magnesium to carry oxygen. Magnesium based oxides and ozonides release oxygen and ozone throughout the digestive system and beyond so the body can flush away accumulated toxins and mucous plugging up your cellular membranes and elimination systems.

Can also be used as a simple stool softener, just take less!

OxyFlush is not like other common colon cleansers. Magnesium is the carrier, but it's the ozone and oxygen that do the work. 

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 6 Capsules
Serving per container 20


    % Daily Value
Oxides of Magnesium 1740mg 389%
Citric Acid 180 mg 300%